About La Niña Films

Paco Pozo combines 31 years 1989/2020 of top flight experience commercials , films , music videos  & corporate production .   

Our crew is the guide by your side that knows where everything is , and how to get it.

Contac us for film locations in Canary Islands , South Portugal , Maroc , and all around Spain, we have all possible locations in our photo-bases ready for you….

From big budget film & commercials to digital documentaries , and just about everything in between.Bi-lingual production support and unrivalled experience means you can concentrate on getting the best for your client. 

We make shooting in Spain easier than ever.

 Captura de pantalla 2017 02 14 a las 18.08.01 About La Niña Films

Jamiroquai . Cloud 9 . Director Charlie Lightening Producers Octavia Landy & Paco Pozo Almeria 2017


Some Directors/Credits – 1989@2020

Daniel Barber – The Tonto Woman – Western Film nominated to Oscars – Pozo@Producer

Charlie Lightening – Jamiroquai (New Album 2017@ Automaton) Cloud 9 @ Paco Pozo

Gerad de Thame- Lincoln

Noam Murro – Mercedes Benz E-Class

Michael Haussman- Coca Cola Light

Daniel Wolfe – San Miguel “A Life Well Lived” by “Somesuch & Co” 

Christopher Morrish – McLaren 570S

Ivan Bird- Mercedes Benz

Nick Dimbleby- Land Rover

Lucy Gossage- Persil

Ivan Grbovic – MacDonalds

Howard Greenhalgh- Jamiroquai- White knuckle ride

Howard Greenhalgh- Jamiroquai- Blue skies

Martin Cood – Range Rover

David Edwards- Seat leon

Christian Loubek – Sharp

Mikko- Oasis Coca Cola

Jeroen Willekens- Levis

Gabi Martin- Pepsi Fernando Torres 

Martin Aamund- Budweisser

Frank Dewaele- Bridgestone

Jorge del Rey- Red Bull F1 / Pepe Jeans- Sebastian Vettel & Mark Webber

Claas Ortman- Sebastian Vettel`s “ Tirendo” 

Alex & Steffen- Adidas

Daniel Barber -Shell/Ferrari

Daniel Barber- Boots lash 

Daniel Barber- Shell

“Billy the kid “…Western for the BBC…. 

Filmed ( Sotogrande – Cadiz – Malaga )

Bees Pictures ( Fuengirola -Malaga – Barcelona )

Good Rolling Films ( Barcelona – Malaga )

La niña films ( Malaga , Barcelona , Madrid & Hikkaduwa – Sri Lanka )